SZE Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences


The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the Széchenyi István University (abbreviation: SZE MÉK ) and its legal predecessor are the Higher Private Economic Institute of Magyaróvár, an agricultural higher education institution founded in 1818 in Magyaróvár .

The work of the institution is characterized by the operation of a multi-specialist training system that comprehensively covers the food economy. In addition to a high level of theoretical training, the acquisition of practical knowledge in laboratories and operating conditions plays an important role. The foreign farm internship system based on extensive international relations also serves this purpose. As part of this, students can travel to many countries in Europe for a 3-6 month farm internship, which is an excellent way to broaden their professional horizons and practice their language.

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of Mosonmagyaróvár:

  • first in the ranking of higher education among agricultural training institutions based on the proportion of qualified teachers,
  • allows participation in part-time training and internships abroad,
  • provides special language and specialized training,
  • ensures interoperability between courses, which facilitates the possibility of parallel training,
  • students can get involved in education and research,
  • provides dormitory accommodation above the national average (100% placement of first graders), a wide range of sports and cultural opportunities,
  • offers its students opportunities for further study in master’s programs as well as in doctoral schools and specialized in-service training.

Trainings and accredited courses conducted by the institution:

Undergraduate courses:

  • food engineer (BSc)
  • Agricultural Engineer for Rural Development (BSc)
  • Agricultural and Food Mechanical Engineer (BSc)
  • Agricultural Engineer (BSc)

Undivided training courses:

  • agricultural engineer teacher (agriculture)
  • agricultural engineering

Master’s courses:

  • Agricultural Engineering (MSc)
  • Teacher of Agricultural Engineering (MSc)
  • Animal Husbandry Engineering (MSc)
  • Food Safety and Quality Engineer (MSc)
  • Environmental Management Agricultural Engineer (MSc)
  • Agricultural Biotechnologist (MSc)
  • Plant Medicine (MSc)
  • Rural Development Agricultural Engineer (MSc)

Specialized in-service training:

  • agricultural marketing and commercial engineer
  • fishing engineer
  • Plant Protection Engineer
  • organic farmer
  • training in precision agriculture
  • precision agricultural engineer


  • goldfish farmer
  • herbalist training
  • beekeeper course
  • raw milk sampling course
  • chainsaw operator training


SZE Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1.
+36 (96) 503 400