Taródi castle


Already as a teenager, István Taródi was dreaming of building a castle. He started with building a wooden castle on his parents’ plot. His real dream came true on 1 May 1951, when he bought a plot of land on the Nándor Hill at the top of the Lőverek in Sopron and moved the wooden castle there. He placed a stuffed owl on one of the balcony-supporting beams, after which the locals named the strange building Owl Castle. He began the construction of the 4,000-square-metre stone castle that you can see today in 1959.

You can enter the castle over a 3-meter-deep moat through the drawbridge and find everything that is typical of a medieval knight’s castle: the living area, the well, the knight’s hall, the wine house, the drawbridge, the spiral stairs as well as the castle bath.


Taródi castle
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