Terme dei papi


The Terme dei Papi The Pope’s Thermal Baths of Viterbo are the most frequented ones of the entire region of Lazio. Esthetic and dermatological cures, inhalation, thermal mud treatment, hydrojets and nutrition classes are just a few of the many wonderful activities offered at the Terme dei Papi, along with an efficient organization and punctual service.

The Terme dei Papi were already known from the Etruscan times for its therapeutic and spiritual properties, and they were valorised particularly from the Romans and still today offer a delightful moment of relax and health. The elevated temperature of the Baths waters make it possible to use even during the winter.

In 1994 the Terme dei Papi completed their restoration project and an extension of the new thermal complex.


Terme dei papi
Via S. Lorenzo, 53, 01100 Viterbo VT, Italy
+39 07613501