Health-seeking visitors have been attracted by the thermal springs of this region for more than four centuries, while today Terme Olimia represents a favourite destination for those who want more than simple beneficial effects of the thermal water.

Oral tradition says that the Barons from Miljana in Harine Zlake had this as their bathing area as early as four centuries ago. In 1935, however, the natural hot springs attracted the attention of the local priest Frederik Strnad, who, together with experts, proved the therapeutic effects of these natural thermal springs.

Thermal water as a natural remedy treats very successfully rheumatic diseases of the locomotor system, skin diseases, arterial circulation disorders, conditions after surgeries, and injuries of bones and muscles and the peripheral nervous system.  

In 1966 Atomske Toplice was officially opened and today we are witnessing an extremely successful development of medical tourism, which attracts, with its comprehensive tourist offer in the field of health, wellness, accommodation facilities, pool complexes, gastronomic offer, and attractive location, visitors from all over the world. Terme Olimia took its name from the medieval monastery in Olimje, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the spa.

Programmes based on individual wishes and needs, a comprehensive wellness offer with modern and biggest sauna world, excellent beauty services, challenges for adrenaline water adventures, and recreation opportunities form a mosaic of a regenerated life.

Experiences are enriched by the surrounding natural and cultural attractions as well as the attractiveness of excursion and rural tourism with local specialties and authentic Virštajn wines.


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