Terme Taurine or Trajan


The archaeological park of the Taurine Baths rises on a hill surrounded by the green countryside, located about 5 km from the center of Civitavecchia, from where you can admire a beautiful landscape.

The park, also called Terme di Traiano, the Roman emperor founder of Civitavecchia, is one of the most important thermal complexes of the Roman age in southern Etruria.

The name “Taurine” comes from the Latin word “taurus”: the legend of Rutilio Namaziano tells that a divinity in the guise of a bull, rasping the ground with his hoof, made hot and sulphurous water come out.
Now there is no more water in the archaeological park, but the nearby Ficoncella thermal complex still allows people to bathe in the hot and therapeutic water.

The site of the Taurine Baths is divided into 2 areas: a part from the Republican age (1st century BC) built in “opus reticolatum” and one from the Imperial age (II century AD) built in brick.

Among the ruins there are basins, massage rooms and mosaics with ornamental motifs.

You can reach the Baths with Line B with three daily trips departing from the FF.SS. and transit in Largo della Pace from 9.10 to 11.10 and 12.10


Terme Taurine or Trajan
Via Terme di Traiano, 00053 Civitavecchia RM, Italy
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