The First (General) Gymnasium Zenica


The First (General) Gymnasium Zenica is one of the eleven high schools in the municipality of Zenica.

The first (General) Gymnasium in Zenica has existed for over 60 years. Such a long period of its existence has made this school the oldest educational institution in the city, as well as a “factory” of highly educated people, intellectuals, prominent citizens of Zenica.

Since 1945, Gimazija has changed 6 names. The school was first called the State Real Gymnasium, then the Higher Real Gymnasium, then only the Real Gymnasium, then from 1981 to 1993 the Gymnasium “November 29”, then the General Gymnasium, then the General Gymnasium and now, by the decision of the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton. 4/9/2008 changed its name to Prva gimnazija in Zenica.

November 7, 1945 is the day when the official decision was made to transform the existing State Mixed Civic School in Zenica into the State Real Gymnasium with five classes. This decision was made by the then Ministry of Education of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia. The school year started with a delay, because there were no basic funds for work in the dilapidated and unconditional building, which is still located on the corner of Fakultetska and Travnička streets (between the Rectorate of the University of Zenica and the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials). There are 413 students enrolled, five classes, distributed in 9 classes, which is about 45 students in one class. There were only 10 teachers then. School 1948/49 year, the first generation of high school graduates passed the higher course exam, with the lowest graduation grade “good”. The first director of the gymnasium was engineer Jaroslav Škritek. After Mr. Jaroslav, the directors were Uzeir Biberović, Ćazim Nožić, Ružica Lončar, and others.

In the spring of 1966, the construction of the current school building began, and classes in it began only in the second semester of the 1966/1967 school year. years. For a time, the Gymnasium functioned within the School Center for Oriented Education, which also included the School of Economics, Administration and Trade and Catering.

In addition to archival documents that testify to that time, there are also quiet and somewhat forgotten “witnesses” of ancient times, who make up a special collection of antiques and rarities in the school library. These are old books, published in turbulent times from the Turkish rule in Bosnia, the Austro-Hungarian occupation, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the Independent State of Croatia to which Zenica also belonged, all the way to the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia and SFR Yugoslavia. The oldest of them was published in 1874 in Zagreb, under the title Rukovodnik za prirodopisni atlas. In the past 60 years, about 6,000 students have successfully graduated from this school, most of whom have graduated from colleges and universities, or are currently achieving good results at all higher and higher education institutions in the country and abroad.

Students of the First Gymnasium in Zenica have achieved and are achieving very notable results in learning and extracurricular activities. Until 1980, five professors of this school received the Twelfth April Award of the City of Zenica, which was a highly recognized recognition of the society. Among their students, many are today famous and recognized experts of this city and country.


Director Ilijas Hodžić,