The French school of Ljubljana


The French school of Ljubljana is a multilingual kindergarten and school that, since 1992, has welcomed children of all nationalities from 2 up to 15 years old.

The French School is approved by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and follows the French Educational Program. The school is also accredited by the Slovenian Ministry of Education and Sports. This accreditation allows the pupils to switch easily between the two systems.

Children of the French school become bi-and often trilingual. This is an asset that gives a head-start to our kids not only in terms of communication skills but also in many other aspects of their lives.

Pupils from 2 to 15 years of age have a dynamic quality education in French, in a warm environment. Through the teaching of mathematics, history, geography, civic education, children learn: autonomy, critical sense and sense of problem solving.

Student’s curiosity is stimulated by a scientific research approach.


Marie-Thérèse Furic, Headmaster
Ulica Dušana Kraigherja 2 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia
+386 1 429 14 99