The Funen Academy


The Academy

The Funen Academy of Fine Arts is a 5-year higher visual arts education.

The education at the Funen Academy of Fine Arts is state-recognized and SU-eligible and aims to educate performing artists at the highest professional level.

The Funen Art Academy is a self-governing institution located in the heart of Odense. The academy has the status of higher education and is financed through operating grants from the Ministry of Culture, Odense Municipality and fundraising.

The focal point of the Funen Art Academy is the international focus, the workshop-based teaching and collaboration between students across artistic media and academic years.

The school attaches great importance to the idea-based and socially engaged part of contemporary art and collaborates with a large number of art and cultural institutions at home and abroad, just as we prioritize exchange.

The education at the Funen Academy of Fine Arts aims to give students the best possible starting point for developing a professional and critical artistic practice in a globalized world.


The Funen Academy
Jernbanegade 13 5000 Odense C
+45 66 11 12 88