The Golden Rooster


This beautifully situated half-timbered house contains cozy living rooms, good and plentiful food and Danish croidyl in a class of its own.

The Golden Rooster in Kolding has all the elements that characterize Danish croidyl at its best. Beautiful half-timbered house, cozy living rooms, good and plentiful food and a wonderful location. Just minutes from downtown; but in green nature as the nearest neighbor is a nursery as well as the landmark Geographical Garden.
During the season, Den Gyldne Hane is the only restaurant in Kolding that can fully be said to be able to serve outdoors. In addition to parties, receptions, a la carte guests and the like. Den Gyldne Hane also has well-appointed rooms for companies etc. who want to hold one-day conferences. There is room for up to 180 participants.
The changing menu is particularly interesting in that it contains several world-famous classics among the dishes, which are executed in strict accordance with the original recipes. The style of the kitchen is classic Danish and French food.


The Golden Rooster
Christian 4 Vej 23 6000 Kolding
75 52 97 20