The World of Kina


De Wereld van Kina is a museum for children and young people, housed at two locations in the Belgian city ​​of Ghent . From 1924 to 2003, the name of this museum was the Michel Thiery School Museum .

The museum consists of two sections:

The world of Kina: the House is housed in a side wing of St. Peter’s Abbey on St. Peter’s Square . Through fossils show how life on earth has evolved. In other rooms the native birds are discussed.

The Good Lovers exhibition gives young people an insight into sexuality. In ‘k Zag 2 bears… the same theme is treated at the level of younger children. There is also the sound-and-light show about Emperor Charles V and his turbulent relationship with Ghent. For example, the museum houses a unique Scale model of medieval Ghent . The museum has a nature library and there are regular temporary exhibitions.

In The World of Kina: the Garden , 1500 plants are spread over numerous thematic areas such as medicinal plants, dye plants, forest and dunes. In the plant room, information is given about the plant kingdom and the life of bees . The visitor can watch them in a glass observation cabinet. Twenty live tarantulas are the eye-catchers in the spider room.


The museum’s collection has a few showpieces supplemented with a few unique pieces.

The eye-catcher in the museum is the Maransart Crocodile . Further:

The museum has the following exhibitions:


This 2016 exhibition focuses on minerals and rocks. In addition to a didactic approach, 1150 minerals and 1739 rocks are shown.

The Human 

This exhibition is centered around didactic material. On the basis of large models, more information is given about the functioning of the body.


This exhibition is divided into three parts. The museum has 1,220 archaeological objects, of which 1070 are from the Paleolithic , Mesolithic , Neolithic and Bronze Age . The other objects have their origin in the metal age , Roman , medieval and more recent periods. The exhibition focuses on the evolution of humans, the evolution of mammals and the origin of life.

Good Lovers 

This exhibition focuses on young people. Based on accessible information sources, it contributes to the lessons of secondary education.

I saw two bears 

This exhibition is tailored to pre-school and primary school children. They learn about human reproduction while discovering.


This exhibition is divided into two parts:

Stuffed birds 

194 of the 827 birds are on display in the museum in dioramas that imitate their natural biotope.

Susket weed 

This audio story is specially designed for blind people.


This interactive exhibition focuses on 1st and 2nd grade primary education and deals with dinosaurs, the North Sea and insects.


The House
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