Third Millennium Bridge


This bridge in Zaragoza spanning the Ebro river was built on the occasion of the 2008 Universal Exhibition. This work of engineering combines aesthetics and technology.

This is the largest concrete tied-arch bridge in the world, and has an arch span of 216 metres. The deck is 279 m long, 43 wide and weighs 24,000 tons, and has six lanes for road traffic, two bike lanes, and two glass-enclosed walkways to protect pedestrian from bad weather.The stretched arch, made of reinforced white concrete to cushion vibrations from traffic and wind, rises 25 metres above the deck, and is 5.5 m wide, 2 metres deep and weighs 5,000 tons.The deck is supported on two sets of 32 suspension cables which bear an approximate tension of 600 tons, and serve to separate the traffic lanes from the pedestrian walkways.


Third Millennium Bridge
Puente del Tercer Milenio 50003 Zaragoza (Aragón
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