Tiszafüred is a town in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, in the Northern Great Plain region of central Hungary.


Built Memories 

  • Church of the Reformed Parish of Tiszafüred: The Reformed Church of the town is a monumental Baroque building, which was built in the 18th century from a church that also preserves the medieval parts. Its tower has six floors and a gallery. Under the galleries there are classicist style, blue-white-black, rosette wooden cassettes. It was renovated in 1983, when the two windows dating from 1230 were found. Next to the church is the Classicist-style rectory.
  • Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Church : Built between 1819 and 1827, according to the age of neo-classical style. Some of his altarpieces were made in the mid-19th century.
  • Vortex St. Anne’s Church: a Roman Catholic church with a side tower built in 1914.
  • Chapel of King St. Stephen of Kócsújfalu:
  • Memorial Plaque of the Synagogue and Jewish Martyrs: II. place of worship of the populous Israelite community in Tiszafüred before World War II.
  • Kemény Castle and the Castle Park: today the eclectic castle is one of the office buildings of the Hortobágy National Park. It was built in 1920 according to the plans of Ágoston Paulik.
  • Pál Kiss Museum and Leipzig Mansion: Founded in 1877, it has a museum with a rich collection of local history and ethnography. Named after one of the generals of the War of Independence, the Kiss Paul Museum is housed in the Classicist – style Leipzig Mansion, built around 1840 and has been operating here since 1953.
  • Gáspár Nyúzó Pottery House: The exhibition presents the working and living conditions of the potters with the help of their original furnishing objects and works in the classicist house of the famous potter who lived between 1839 and 1910.
  • Meggyes Tavern Museum (Kócsújfalu)
  • Tiszafüred Beach and Spa
  • City Hall: in the year of the millennium, the obelisk built from public donations was erected in 1896 and at that time. Title: Main road 1.
  • Liberation Monument: The work of the female figure holding the dove of peace, the sculptor Makrisz Agamenon, erected in 1975 between the hills designed by the Ybl-awarded architect György Jánossy. The common language calls “Vas Maris” a statue in one of the city’s suburbs.

Natural resources

  • Tiszafüred bird sanctuary
  • Hortobágy National Park
  • Morotvas and backwaters of the Kiskörei Reservoir (commonly known as Lake Tisza )
  • Thermal water


The economic structure of the city, which developed until 1989 (but was artificially kept alive due to the peculiarities of the operation of the CMO), changed after the change of regime. The plants that had been decisive until then (the Aluminum Plant built to serve the Soviet market; the packaging plant of the Gedeon Richter Pharmaceutical Plant, the largest ship and crane factory in Central and Eastern Europe) were closed in a row. Their role in the labor market and employment is being taken over by the increasingly unfolding tourism and the service function played in the life of the surrounding settlements.


One of the largest milk processing plants in the country (Kuntej Zrt.) Operates in the city. The domestic willow-spinning industry, the building and building materials industry (brick production, concrete plant, lime production, Józsa Kft.), As well as the mill industry are also of significant importance.

Several innovative investments have been launched recently: the biogas plant offers a new perspective for the municipality; and the alkaline water of Füred, which now enjoys a national reputation, is closely connected to the city’s recreational, medical tourism image.

Tiszafüred is one of the strongholds of the arts and crafts of the Great Plain, a famous applied art far and wide. The living and flourishing traditions of pottery, saddlery and leatherwork can be found in the settlement.


The climate of the micro-region is favorable for the cultivation of maize, sunflower and alfalfa, and closely related to this is cattle breeding.


Since gaining the status of a market town, it has been a settlement with the right to market, and still plays an important commercial role in the life of the micro-region. In the market, which is open every day of the week – where the region’s primary producers are waiting for those interested – in addition to international and domestic department store chains and specialty stores, the offer is expanded.


Tiszafüred is the capital of the settlements near Lake Tisza . The resort is a destination for ecotourism. Its thermal bath has established a real hydrological culture here. The area is rich in protected natural values.

The city is a popular destination for guests looking for a quiet natural environment. Visitors have the opportunity to go horseback riding, horseback riding and cycling along the Tisza. Whoever admires this landscape will fall in love and return year after year. It is located on the banks of the Kis-Tisza in a beautiful, well-developed environment with a free beach, swimming and water sports.

In addition to Lake Tisza, thermal water is also a great treasure of the city. The thermal spa is a swimming pool, a beach pool and an indoor thermal pool with 39 ° C alkaline bicarbonate water, perfect for regeneration and various locomotor and rheumatic diseases. The city has a specialist day hospital in the area of ​​the hot water spa in the city, which provides treatment for people suffering from locomotor diseases.

The Tiszafüred region of Lake Tisza has been protected since the establishment of the Hortobágy National Park , and more than half of the approximately 7,000 hectares serve ecotourism . The central part of the lake is an ideal setting for water trips. About two hundred species of birds can be observed in the reedbed of the “Black Meadow” belonging to the pusztakócs swamps on the outskirts of the town . The bird habitat of European significance enjoys strict protection, the area can only be visited with the permission of the Hortobágy National Park . The Tiszafüred Bird Sanctuary is a strictly protected natural value, a 2,500-hectare nature conservation area belonging to the Hortobágy National Park , which has been included in the list of internationally recognized waterbird habitats.

In summer, tourists are attracted by colorful programs. During the local Fish Days and Füred Summer, the Bridge Fair and Horse Days and the Debrecen Flower Carnival , Tiszafüred satisfies all needs of those looking for accommodation.


Municipality of Tiszafüred
Tiszafüred, Fő utca 1.
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