Torrazzo of Cremona


Located next to Cremona Cathedral, it is the symbol of the city. It is the tallest brick belfry in the world, 112 meters

The majestic Torrazzo of Cremona (which is nothing other than the bell tower) stands in Piazza del Comune, next to the Cathedral.

With a height of 112 metres, the Torrazzo was created through the superimposition of two structures: a Romanesque tower dating back to 1267 and a second tower with two octagonal drums.

The bell tower of the Cathedral of Cremona was most likely completed in 1305, while the ball and the cross that appear on top date back to the 17th century.

The astronomical clock installed on the Torrazzo, which indicates the movement of the stars and the moon phases, was erected in 1583. Although the clock’s original mechanism remains, its current dial was repainted in 1970.

The belfry encloses seven bells, each dedicated to a saint and one in particular dedicated to the patron of the city, San Homobonus. From the highest part of Torrazzo, the panorama is guaranteed to leave you breathless, with an amazing view of the city and the river that is definitely worth the climb.


Torrazzo of Cremona
Piazza del Comune, 26100 Cremona CR, Italy
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