Torrione Passari Molfetta


The Torrione Passari was commissioned by the University of Molfetta  in  1512 . It was initially a gunboat and later became a lookout tower. also known as Torrione Gadaleta or Torrione Nisio 

The keep is majestic and compact. At the base, the walls are massive and reach a thickness of five meters which gradually decreases to the cordon, from where you climb to the top from which you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view. The Torrione del Mare di Passaro has a circular plan with a thickness of the masonry on the ground floor of about 3 meters; It measures 11 meters and is 13.5 meters high above sea level. In the central part there are three  gunboats  arranged in the three directions of the horizon. 


Torrione Passari Molfetta
Torrione Passari - via sant'orsola 13 Molfetta
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