Tótkomlós is a town in Békés County, Hungary.


  • Árpádian church of Nagykopáncs (Kopáncs-puszta)
  • Farm Museum
  • Elizabeth Park (including monuments)
  • Main square
  • Evangelical church
  • Slovak country house
  • Slovak ethnographic collection
  • Monument of Slovak settlement
  • Holocaust Memorial – Main Square, 2004.
  • Dry-coastal coastal promenade with wildlife
  • Monument to the 1956 revolution
  • Birthplace of János Jankó
  • Catholic church
  • Reformed Church
  • Lookout tower along the Dry River
  • Lakes in the city area


In the Rózsa Bath in Tótkomlós, six pools – three open and three indoor – await those wishing to swim. Its water is also recommended for people suffering from musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases, accordingly there is also a spa and wellness service on the beach.

There are several tourist routes through the city:

  • Yellow Cross: Connects the Slovak Ethnographic House with Strawberry Square. Along the hiking trail, you can also see some lakes, St. Stephen’s Square (formerly known as Heroes’ Square), the Lutheran Church, the Slovak Ethnographic Collection and the Drywalk Lookout Tower. The hiking trail passes through the city center.
  • Yellow lane: From Mezőhegyes, from major 81, you reach Tótkomlós on Aradi út. The tourist route also passes the Slovak Country House, the Lutheran Church, St. Stephen’s Square (formerly Heroes’ Square) and the Slovak Ethnographic Collection. He leaves the town towards Orosháza, but on the border of Tótkomlós he passes in front of the Farm Museum and ends at Békéssámson.
  • Red lane: The tourist route from Mezőkovácsháza and Mezőhegyes does not affect the city itself, but in the border of Tótkomlós it passes the Árpádian Kopáncsi chapel and then continues towards Békéssámson.
  • Red square: The tourist road connecting the yellow lane and the red lane, which passes by the memorial statue of Pál Wallaszky and József Mindszenty, the II. at the monument of World War II and the 1956 revolution, next to the Catholic and Reformed churches, and then leaving the city, the red lane joins the hiking trail.


Tótkomlós Mayor's Office
5940, Tótkomlós, Fő utca 1.
68 / 462-122