Tournai, is a French – speaking city in Belgium located in Picardy Wallonia and Romanesque Flanders , administrative center of the province of Hainaut and seat of the bishopric from Tournai. Tournai is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and has played an important role in the country’s cultural history. It was the first capital of the Frankish Empire, with Clovis I being born here.

Tournai is a city in Wallonia. It is famed for its impressive Romanesque Cathedral. It was also the only Belgian city to ever be controlled by the English Throne.


Several abbeys 

Religious architecture 

Civil architecture 

Military architecture 


Statues and monuments


  • The perjured Monday rabbit (or “lost Monday”)
  • Tournaisian salad
  • Le mutiau, finely chopped pressed head
  • The successes of the day
  • “Desobry” cookies
  • Tournai balloons
  • The aperitifs “Le tournaisien” and “La tournaisienne”, “Le pont des holes”

The products of the Tournai entity:

  • “La Tournay” beer from the Brasserie de Cazeau (the only brewery in the Tournai entity)
  • The “Saint-Martin” beer, blond or dark, has its roots in 1096. Its glass represents one of the many stained glass windows in Tournai cathedral. ( from the Brunehaut brewery )


  • The “Great Procession” (in FrenchGrande Procession) is a procession initiated by the bishop Radbot II during a plague epidemic. It has taken place every year since 1092, with the single exception of the year 1566, when the iconoclasts considerably damaged the religious symbols of the city. This historic procession unfolds in the streets every second Sunday of September.
  • The first Monday after January 6 is known as “Lost Monday” (in FrenchLundi perdu) or “Perjury Monday” (Lundi parjuré). This tradition dates from more than 700 years ago. The wealthier city inhabitants used to prepare fastidious family dinners and elect a king. Today, the family dinners have expanded to wider groups and a rabbit dish is often served.


Ville de Tournai
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