Traun is an Austrian city located on the north bank of the river Traun and borders Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, to the east. The name Traun is derived from the Celtic word for river (dru). Traun is the fifth largest city in Upper Austria, located in the district of Linz-Land.

Educational Institutions

Traun is also known as school city for having almost all types of educational institutions.

  • 11 kindergartens: Oedt, St. Dionysen I, St. Dionysen II, St. Martin, Zentrum, Traun I, Traun II, Traun III, Traun IV, Caritas-Kindergarten St. Dionysen and St. Martin
  • 4 primary schools: Volksschule Oedt, Volksschule Traun, Volksschule St. Dionysen and Volksschule St. Martin.
  • 3 secondary schools: Hauptschule I (Computing), Hauptschule II (Music), Hauptschule St. Martin
  • 2 other primary/secondary schools: Integratives Schulzentrum, Polytechnische Schule
  • 3 high schools: Bundesrealgymnasium (700), Handelakademie/Handelsschule, Höhere technische Lehranstalt und Fachschule (300)
  • 2 institutions for adult education: BFI Traun, Volkshochschule Traun
  • 1 music school: Landesmusikschule


Traun is located in the economic center of Upper Austria. Notable national and international operating companies are based in Traun, like InternormEd. HaasPez, Tannpapier (Trierenberg Holding), Feurstein (Delfort Group), Ing. Voith, C+C Pfeifferdelfortgroup and Gabler Band.

There are more than 1200 companies in Traun having about 11,000 employees in total.



Linz Airport is just 3.9 km (2.4 mi) from Traun.


The Phyrnbahn runs through Traun from northeast to south. Two railway stations are located in Traun along the Phyrnbahn: St. Martin and Traun.

Motorway (Autobahn) connections

  • A1 (West Autobahn): Exit Traun (1.8 km), Exit Ansfelden (4.6 km)
  • A7 (Mühlkreis Autobahn): Exit Franzosenhausweg (2.0 km), Exit Salzburger Straße (3.3 km)
  • A25: Exit Weißkirchen (8.6 km), Exit Marchtrenk (9.1 km)


  • The B1 (Wiener Bundesstraße) runs along the north border of Traun.
  • The B139 (Kremstalbundesstraße) crosses Traun from North to East.


  • L532: Neubauerstraße, Johann Roithner-Straße
  • L1386: Leondinger-Straße


In spring 2016, line 3 of the Linz tramway system will be extended to Traun with 4 stops in Traun (Traun – Trauner Kreuzung, Traun – Friedhof, Traun – Hauptplatz and Traun – Schloss).


  • The Wilhelm Welser Verkehrsbetriebe Traun operates buses on 14 routes in Traun that connect Traun with all neighboring cities and communities. Most routes are serviced by only one single bus and therefore have a frequency of only 1 bus per hour.
  • On behalf of Traun, Wilhelm Welser also operates four City-Bus routes within Traun at a frequency of 30 minutes.


Hauptplatz 1 4050 Traun
+43 7229 688 - 0