Trevi Fountain


The Trevi Fountain was the splendid setting for the most famous scene of the film La Dolce Vita by director Federico Fellini ; a provocative Anita Ekberg wrapped in a long black evening dress calls Marcello Mastroianni: “Marcello, come here!”, while sinuously plunges into the sparkling waters of the fountain.

Trevi Fountain , terminal exhibition of the Vergine aqueduct , the only one of the ancient aqueducts continuously in use to this day, is the most famous of the Roman fountains.

Its name derives from a toponym in use in the area since the mid-twelfth century, Regio Trivii , referring to the confluence of three streets in the square , or from the triple outlet of the water of the original fountain.

The construction of the present Trevi fountain is due to Pope Clement XII who, in 1732, launched a competition in which the major artists of the time participated. Among the various projects presented, that of the architect Nicola Salvi was chosen .

Leaning against Palazzo Poli , the fountain is divided into a large basin with a large cliff enlivened by the sculptural representation of numerous plants and the spectacular flow of water. At the center dominates the statue of Ocean driving the shell-shaped chariot, pulled by the angry horse and the placid horse, held back by two tritons.


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