Trstená  is a town in Tvrdošín DistrictŽilina Region, central Slovakia.


St Martin’s Church

The first written reference to St Martin’s church occurred in 1397. The church was rebuilt on its Gothic foundations during the evangelist movement of the 17th to 18th century.[3] The church contains at least two crypts and other burials. Coffins, clothing and textiles found in the crypts represent a cultural record of regional rustic funereal art of the 1700s and 1800s. St Martin’s church has a more recent turreted spire, modelled on a Czech design, after the original was dislodged towards the end of World War II by an off course Russian Katuysha rocket. St Martin’s church houses a revered religious painting that attracts pilgrims. In floor heating was laid in the church in 1996. The church is surrounded by a wall around which are placed more than six large seats, outdoor confessionals to accommodate the needs of pilgrims.

St George’s Church

St Florian’s statue

A stone pillar with St Florian‘s statue was erected in Trstena in 1705.



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