Tukuma muzejs

Tukums Museum was founded in 1935 as the first art museum outside Riga. Over time, it has expanded to include Tukums Museum of Art, Durbe Manor, Art Gallery “Durvis”, Tukums History Museum “Castle Tower”, Tukums Weaving Workshop, Pastariņš’ Museum and Džūkste Fairy Tale Museum. 
Tukums Museum is a cultural environment museum with remarkable collections of modern Latvian art and historicism era interior objects from manor lord houses, cultural-historical evidence from Tukums, Engure, Jaunpils and Kandava Municipalities, and a collection of ethnographic costumes and textiles thereof that expands mostly by way of donations.
The museum’s expositions and art, history and ethnography exhibitions, educational programmes and continuing education courses, cultural events and the large number of scientific and popular science publications are a result of research work and collaboration with many Latvian museums and other research and memory institutions.


Director: Agrita Ozola
M. Parka Street 7, Tukums, LV-3101
+371 27842839