UAB “Kriautė”


JSC KRIAUTĖ was founded in 1987.

In 2007, the company finished the implementation of the project Manufacture of modern panel houses on the basis of innovative technologies which was realized under the Single Programming Document.

In 2007, JSC Kriautė was awarded in the medal of the Ministry of Economy “Merits for Business” in the nomination “Development of Small and Mid-Size Business in Counties” (Panevėžys County).

The company’s activities involve:

  • Construction and repairs
  • Production of panel houses
  • Woodworking, joinery products and transportation services
  • Maintenance and construction of objects of cultural heritage
  • Construction projects management

Currently we successfully continue our activities in Lithuania and abroad.

Company certificate No.177, valid from 25 April 2008 to 2013 April 25, grants the right to JSC KRIAUTĖ to design separate parts of buildings, to construct a building or a separate part of a building and to maintain objects of cultural heritage.

Categories of buildings: specific buildings.

Types of buildings:

  • Residential and nonresidential buildings
  • Communication: roads (streets)
  • Engineering systems: water-supply, heat-supply, sewage and telecommunications systems
  • Hydrotechnical buildings (special-purpose buildings and settlers)
  • Sports facilities
  • Buildings of cultural heritage (except designing)

Areas of Designing:

  • Architectural
  • Structural (for buildings only)
  • Assessment of price for construction
  • Economic

Construction work involves:

  • General construction work, except laying asphalt
  • Water-supply and sewage systems inside and outside the buildings
  • Heat production (up to 1 MW) and supply
  • Applying heat insulation for buildings
  • Ventilation
  • Electrotechnical work up to the voltage of 1000 V
  • Telecommunications
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Maintenance of cultural heritage objects 

There are qualified engineers and technical employees working for our company, capable to perform all the work listed in the certificate. Our engineers are constantly looking for innovatory solutions whilst implementing modern technologies. They use traditional and the newest construction materials and are able to implements complicated projects.

The company’s modern manufacturing facilities are based on a 5-hectare site in the industrial part of Panevezys. We have 10 000 m2 of manufacturing space, where we produce constructional and planed wood, different kinds of joinery products, wooden parts for furniture, metal products and metal constructions, garden houses and outdoor furniture. Transportation services as well as timber drying, tenoning and planing services are also provided.

In the second quarter of 2007 we opened a panel-house production plant, which is one of the most modern plants of this kind in the Baltic States. We offer to private clients and companies warm, economical and safe houses.

Modern production facilities obtained from Sweden, highly-qualified personnel and the use of certified building materials guarantee rapid production process and high quality of the products.

Up to 50 % of our products are exported to other European countries. The projects, in which a client can change the layout of a house offered by a standard project, are quite popular. We can also produce a house under a project submitted by a client.

Our company cherishes its reputation. We carefully meet our commitments and seek to remain a reliable partner.


Pramonės g. 8 K-25, LT-35100, Panevėžys
+370 45 511393
+370 652 90413