JSC „SADRIGLA“ service span according to classification of economic activities includes: accounting, book – keeping and auditing services to legal entities; provision of tax advice; business and management consultancy activities; market research.

SC “SADRIGLA” employees are young professionals, who are university graduates or are currently studying in the field of accounting, economics or finance. Many years of experience and qualified personnel ensure that the company provides high-quality, skilled, and innovative accounting and business consulting services that save customers time, money and help the clients to focus on optimization of their core business activities.

JSC “SADRIGLA” has a broad customer base, which goes beyond Lithuanian capital companies: the company work both with clients operating in different EU Member States and with foreign entities operating in Lithuania. JSC “SADRIGLA” clients differ in their activity profiles: woodworking, construction, medicine supplies, engineering, metal processing, insurance, wholesale and retail, mink breeding and other areas of business.


Customer Benefits:
– easy and quick business accounting organization at no additional costs for computer equipment, specific accounting software, facilities, etc.;
– easier company structure;
– easier to manage business risks as clients are able to focus on the core activities;
– saving customer’s time: JSC “SADRIGLA” performs full accounting, book-keeping services, offers a wide range of business to business services (consulting on management, financing, taxation, business development issues).


Many years of experience.
JSC “SADRIGLA” was established in year 1996. From the very beginning up to today the company is directed by professionals. Currently the company is lead by a certified economist, who has more than 25 years of experience in economic, financial and accounting work.


JSC “SADRIGLA” assumes responsibility for timely and correct statements of company’s activities preparation and submission to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI), the State Social Insurance Fund (SoDra), submission of financial statements to State Register Center, Department of Statistics and other institutions. The company has strict internal procedures to ensure full confidentiality of customer provided information.



JSC „SADRIGLA“ offers financial accounting services from the primary document handling to financial, taxation accountability preparation to legal entities. Depending on Client needs, JSC “SADRIGLA” can provide a full range of book-keeping and accounting services or just particular client-selected services. The company’s services off financial accounting, bookkeeping are in accordance with Business Accounting and International Accounting standards. JSC “SADRIGLA” provides the following accounting services:

Main accounting services

Preparations of statements required by Lithuanian Republic Government statute

Financial statements preparation to shareholders, executives


Other accounting services:
– budgeting;
– filing application forms for banks, leasing companies and other institutions;
– preparation and submission of quarterly statements to banks, leasing companies;
– representation of the Client during the audit. Submission of data for audit firms, if audit is performed;
– preparation of statements to potential buyers of the shares or the company.


Director Janina Repeckaite
Gediminas St. 48, Kaisiadorys, 56121
(8 614) 50020
(8 346) 51585