Újkígyós is a large town in Békés County in the Southern Great Plain region of southeast Hungary.


  • plank-framed houses with traditional New Snake features
  • Roman Catholic Church and its altarpiece – the work of Károly Fischer and Mihály Munkácsy .
  • traditional Újkígyós cemetery wooden crosses
  • Local history exhibition of Arnold Ipolyi Folk High School
  • kunhalms (kurgans) on the outskirts of the city


It is located on the alluvial ridge of the Mureş , in the south-western neighborhood of Békéscsaba , about 15 km from the city center. It is located west of the other big city in the region, Gyula , a good 20 kilometers. Neighbors: Békéscsaba from the north, Szabadkígyós from the east, Kétegyháza from the southeast , Medgyesegyháza and Pusztaottlaka from the south, and Csabaszabadi from the west . Telekgerendás is also relatively close to it from the northwest , but their administrative areas do not border each other. According to the USDA climate zone classification, the area of ​​the settlement falls into category 7a.


In the center of the settlement , the road 4431 between Gyula and Csorvás runs in an east-west direction , which is the most important approach route. With Békéscsaba, the settlement center has no direct road connection, it can only be approached from the city center by a more or less detour, on two alternative routes: either on road 4432 to the western border, then east to 4431, or via Szabadkígyós , 4433 -as , and also the 4431’s way.

The railway line does not affect the settlement, the nearest railway station is the Telekgerendás railway station of the MÁV Szeged – Békéscsaba railway line .


Újkígyós Joint Local Government Office
5661 Újkígyós Kossuth utca 41.
(66) 256-100