Université Sorbonne Paris Nord


The University Sorbonne Paris Nord is one of the universities that succeeded the Sorbonne after the breakup of the University of Paris into thirteen autonomous universities in 1968, it is a multidisciplinary university located north of Paris, in the municipalities from Villetaneuse, Saint-Denis, La Plaine Saint-Denis, Bobigny and d’Argenteuil.

The university offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in line with the Bologna Process. Bachelor and Masters courses are organized into various schools.

  • School of Literature, Languages, and Humanities (LLHS)
  • School of Law, Politics and Social Sciences (DSPS)
  • School of Communication (COM)
  • Galilee Institute
  • School of Health, Medicine and Human Biology (SMBH)

Doctoral Schools

The university awards around 110 doctorates each year and welcomes around 700 doctoral scholars on exchange from other institutions. There are three doctoral schools:

  • Ecole Doctorale Erasme for humanities, social sciences, law and economics.
  • Ecole Doctorale Galilée for sciences
  • Ecole doctorale médicament, toxicologie, chimie, imageries (MTCI) for medicine, toxicology, chemistry and graphics, run with Paris Descartes University within the framework of the Sorbonne Paris Cité federation.


Université Sorbonne Paris Nord
99 Avenue Jean Baptiste Clément, 93430 Villetaneuse, France
+33 (0) 1 49 40 38 69