University of Almería

The University of Almería is a public university situated in AlmeríaSpain. Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, it belongs to the La Cañada de San Urbano district of Almería City. In 2008 the University offered 38 different degree programmes, with 871 lecturers, and 11,628 students. At the time of its foundation, its initial governing was assigned to D. Alberto Fernández Gutiérrez, as Vice-Chancellor. In 2007 Pedro Molina García was elected rector. He was succeeded by Carmelo Rodríguez Torreblanca, who obtained the 68.24% of the votes, elected by the university community in the elections that took place in early 2015, taking over from D. Alfredo Martinez Almécija. He was reelected on 28 May 2019 with 87% of votes.

Colleges and Faculties

Part of the Aulario building of the University of Almería.A-IV building


  • Polytechnics
  • Labour Relations


  • Health Sciences
  • Economics and Business Studies
  • Natural Sciences
  • Education
  • Law
  • Humanities
  • Psychology


University of Almería
Carretera Sacramento s / n 04120 La Cañada de San Urbano Almería
+34 950 21 40 00