University of Insubria


The University of Insubria is an Italian university located in Como and Varese, with secondary locations in Busto Arsizio and Saronno. It was founded in 1998, it has been named after the area where it is situated, the historical-geographical region of Insubria.


Since faculties in Italy have been abolished, departments (that usually managed research) have taken up faculties’ didactic duties. The current departments (as of 2014) are the following:

  • Dipartimento di biotecnologie e scienze della vita – DBSV
  • Dipartimento di diritto, economia e culture – DiDEC
  • Dipartimento di economia – DiECO
  • Dipartimento di medicina clinica e sperimentale – DMCS
  • Dipartimento di scienza e alta tecnologia – DISAT
  • Dipartimento di scienze chirurgiche e morfologiche – DSCM
  • Dipartimento di scienze teoriche e applicate – DISTA


University of Insubria
Via Ravasi 2, 21100 VARESE
800 011 398