University of Jaén

The University of Jaén (UJA or UJAEN) is a public university based in JaénAndalucíaSpain. It is a young university established by Law 5 / 1993 of the Andalusian Parliament of July 1, 1993. In addition to the principal campus, Campus Lagunillas, located in Jaén, the university has two satellite campuses in Linares and Úbeda. Currently under construction is the Scientific-Technological Campus in Linares.

Centres and departments

The University of Jaén is divided into nine centres: three faculties, three colleges (one affiliated), two technical colleges and a research centre. In turn, there are 33 departments across which they have divided the teaching of the university.


University Schools

Advanced Technical colleges

  • Jaén Advanced Technical College. Based in A3 and A4 buildings on the Campus Lagunillas. The A3 building is for the department of Engineering and Technology which houses the offices and laboratories of the school, while the A4 is the lecture hall building “Cesareo Rodriguez Aguilera” in which lectures are given. Both modern and avant-garde buildings replace the iconic “experts building” located in the city centre. The aforementioned building was demolished in 2005 and in its place an El Corte Inglesshopping centre was built .

Linares Advanced Technical College

  • Linares Advanced Technical College. Linares Advanced Technical College, is located in Alfonso X “the Wise man” Street. Departments corresponding to the Technical College of Linares are divided between two buildings, buildings 70 and 71. For many academic years up to 2005, the technical college of Linares shared the use of the building 70 with the School of Social Work. After years of demands on behalf of a range of Linares citizens and the university community, firm steps towards building a new University Campus in Linares seem to be being taken, where the Technical College of the city would be located.

Research centre


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