University of Primorska


University of Primorska Is by age and size the third university in Slovenia. It is located in Koper, Izola, and Portorož and is named for the Slovenian Littoral region (Slovenian Primorska), where it is located.

The University of Primorska is successfully implementing its two core activities: research and education. In all of its functioning it is closely collaborating with the creators and users of knowledge locally and globally. The knowledge for the environment that the university is directly offering to companies, public institutes and other organisations is a quality upgrade of basic research and a preconditioon to effective use of intellectual potential of society and spacer in which it operates. 

The University of Primorska was able to adapt and actively engage with the environment, which is becoming increasingly open for experimentation and innovation. With its activities it is constantly searching for new cooperation possibilities and functioning in entrepreneurial processes. 


The very first efforts to found a Slovenian university in the Littoral were made almost one hundred years ago, whereas the first concrete steps towards the establishment of a new Slovene university were taken after the country had become independent. Thus 1992 saw the preparation of the expert study of the development of higher education in the Littoral, and a year later a letter of intent was signed envisioning the establishment of the University Study Centre. In 1995, the Slovene Science and Research Centre was founded in order to garner the intellectual potential of the future university, while 1996 witnessed the formation of the University Study Centre of Koper, which facilitated the development of higher education in the region and prepared the legal basis for founding the university. Two years later, the letter of intent was also signed by representatives of the regional economic sector and by regional chambers of commerce.

Finally, on 29 January 2003, the Slovene Parliament passed the University of Primorska Charter. Two months later, on 17 March 2003, the University of Primorska was entered into the register of legal entities kept by the District Court of Koper. The newly established university comprised three faculties, two colleges, and two research institutes.


The university is divided into six faculties and one college:

Faculty of Education, Koper
Faculty of Humanities, Koper
Faculty of Management, Koper
Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information technologies – Koper
Faculty of Tourism Studies, Portorož
Faculty of Health Care, Izola
College of Design, Ljubljana
One institute is also part of the University of Primorska:

Andrej Marušič Institute


University of Primorska
Titov trg 4 6000 Koper Slovenija
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