University of Sassari


The University of Sassari is a university located in SassariItaly. It was founded in 1562 and is organized in 13 departments.

The University of Sassari earned first place in the rankings for the best “medium- sized” Italian university, in 2009–2010, by the Censis Research Institute  while in 2012 tumbled down to the 6th position among the best Italian universities.


These are the 11 faculties in which the university is divided into:

According to the National Law 240/2010, the Departments substituted for the Faculties from January 2012.

There are 10 Departments at the University of Sassari:

  • Agraria (Agriculture)
  • Architettura, design e urbanistica (Architecture, Design and City Planning)
  • Chimica e farmacia (Chemistry and Pharmacy)
  • Giurisprudenza (Law)
  • Medicina veterinaria (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Scienze biomediche (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Scienze economiche e aziendali (Economic and Business Sciences)
  • Scienze mediche, chirurgiche e sperimentali (Medical, Surgical, Experimental Sciences)
  • Scienze umanistiche e sociali (Humanistic and Social Sciences)
  • Storia, scienze dell’uomo e della formazione (History, Human Sciences, Education)


University of Sassari
Piazza Università 21, Sassari
+39 079 228211