Vaksali Trahter (Railway station tavern)


The Vaksali tavern seats approx. 25 persons and lies in the town of Tapa. As you can tell by its name (“vokzal” is Russian for railway station) it has something to do with the railway, as this is what Tapa is actually known for. The town lies on the western ledge of the river Valgejõgi, to both sides of a railway. Tapa’s existence is mainly due to the development of the railway junction. Until today Tapa has preserved its reputation as a railway town. The Tapa railway station is located on a railway junction, providing good and fast service throughout Estonia and the entire Eastern Europe.


Vaksali Trahter (Railway station tavern)
Ambla maantee 3, Tapa linn, Tapa vald, Lääne-Viru maakond
(+372) 565 06858