Napoleon, Picasso, Jean Marais, Alberto Magnelli… Vallauris Golfe-Juan has welcomed great names from the historical and cultural heritage to which it dedicates celebration and museums.

Vallauris is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimesdepartment in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azurregion in southeastern France. It is located in the metropolitan area, and is today effectively an extension of the town of Antibes, bordering it on its west side.


Places and monuments 


  • The Magnelli museum – museum of ceramics is one of the few places in France which represents contemporary ceramic creation.
  • The pottery museum presents an interesting retrospective of the work of clay as it was practiced even in the first half of the xx th  century .

Other monuments

  • Le Château Robert (formerly Villa Gazan ), dating from 1867, built by Ferdinand Dervieu , mayor of Vallauris, then owned by Baron Pierre de Caters around 1914 . This vast and luxurious residence with oriental architecture was attached to the Castle of the Horizon , property of Prince Ali Khan then of a Saudi prince . It is surrounded by a vast botanical park of 15  ha , planted with palm trees and eucalyptusespecially. After many years of abandonment, the entire estate was bought by the municipality .
  • The Castle of the Horizon .
  • The Vallauris heliomarin center , on the Julia route, overlooking the bay of Cannes, built in 1934 by the Parisian architect Pierre Souzy for Doctor Jean Saidman . It is a former heliotherapeutic sanatorium designed by Dr. Saidman to treat bone or joint tuberculosis . Exposure to the sun is the heart of the therapy offered by Dr. Saidman, but the design of the building must also allow the patients’ rest and well-being. There were originally 300 beds and 130 caregivers. This design led the architect to create a grain building like the hygienic dwellings built by Henri Sauvage.20 years earlier. To increase the patients’ exposure to the sun’s rays, there was originally a revolving solarium which only operated for two years.

Religious buildings

  • Sainte-Anne-Saint-Martin church, avenue Clemenceau, built in 1839 on the site of the Saint-Bernardin chapel
  • St. Peter’s Church in Golfe-Juan , Liberty Avenue xix th  century
  • Chapel of Mercy, avenue Jaubert, former Chapel of the Black Penitents built in 1664
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Grace Road Notre Dame xvii th  century
  • Chapelle Saint-Bernard Road Encourdoules the xvii th  century
  • Saint Roch’s Chapel Road Notre Dame xvii th  century
  • Chapel at the castle.


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