Vámospércs is a town in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.


It can be approached 20 km east of Debrecen , on the main road 48 . The settlement is the transport hub of the surrounding area, Ligetalja . The Debrecen – Nagykároly (Carei) railway line passes through it , the utilization of which is currently low, but its role may increase due to the reviving Hungarian- Romanian economic relations.


Vámospércs is a long-inhabited settlement. It first appeared in the tithe register of the diocese of Oradea between 1291 and 1294 as Bélpérch as the estate of the Guthkeledek manor. After that, it was a continuously inhabited settlement, so in 1992 the locals were entitled to celebrate the 700th anniversary of their residence. According to the diplomas, it was already a customs collection place before 1338 , and therefore after that it is mentioned in written sources as “Vámospercsh”. His privilege was also confirmed by King Matthias .

1605 . is an important date in the life of the settlement, as this year István Bocskai donated his part of the estate in Vámospércs to his Hajdú soldiers in the Korponai Letter of Privilege , and about 108 families received plots here. Its privilege in Mezőváros has been confirmed several times. The general assemblies of the Hajdú district were often held here .

In 1850 II. It became the seat of a class district court, and in 1871 it reached the railway, which was of greater importance in the former territory of the country.

In the last one or two decades, however, there have been encouraging signs, and the large village has played a central role in the life of Ligetalja. Aware of this, in 1997 the leaders of the settlement submitted their application for declaration as a city in order to regain their city status as the last of the former Hajdú towns. The city title was given in 2001 .


4287 Vámospércs, Béke u. 1.
52 / 591-500