Vejle Idrætsefterskole



Vejle Idrætsefterskole is about talent development. Development of talent in  sports ,  in the classroom  and in  social gatherings .

The students come to Vejle Idrætsefterskole, because there is one sport that they are particularly passionate about, and which they dream of becoming even better at. Vejle Idrætsefterskole has come into being because far too many talented athletes have to make a priority between sports, school and social life. At Vejle Idrætsefterskole, you have the opportunity to improve your skills in both sports and academics – at the same time as you are allowed to try a personality-developing after-school stay with others in the same situation as yourself. 

At Vejle Idrætsefterskole you should not be afraid to be good. We focus on high-level training, qualified book teaching and lots of socializing, which is part of an after-school stay. In the six sports lines, the students train seven times a week, and work is done to develop each student’s talents.


Vejle Idrætsefterskole is beautifully surrounded by Nørreskoven close to Vejle Fjord. We have room for 168 students who want a 9th or 10th grade exam without letting sports go beyond schooling or vice versa. 

The school is designed for activity and learning. Read more about our  facilities . 


Vejle Idrætsefterskole
Ørnebjergvej 28 7100 Vejle
+45 7582 0811