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Vejle Private School and Kindergarten is a Danish institution with many different students and parents. Running a multicultural school must basically be understood as a desire to create a humanistic project that will build a bridge between the multicultural society with the Danish norms and values ​​through education and learning.

Every student must be equipped to take on the task of becoming an active citizen with strong roots. It is therefore important that the students at our school develop the ability, desire and willingness to use their own skills for the benefit of other people and the world.

That is why we have:

  • Native language teaching (Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Bosnian)
  • Cambridge English
  • Social studies from 1st grade
  • Cultural events, church and mosque visits

Care, positive learning environment and togetherness are the key words at Vejle Private School. It helps to ensure time for the individual student, so that personal development can be stimulated in the best possible way. At the same time, we believe it is important that the student’s independence is strengthened and that the individual student is aware of his or her own responsibility and his or her social behavior. We demand good behavior, good tone and hard work. At the same time, we take care and take care of each other.

Foreign languages ​​and international atmosphere

English teaching begins in 0th grade, German from 3rd grade, Cambridge English as an elective, Classical Arabic from 0th grade, mother tongue (Turkish, Russian or Bosnian) from 0th grade, and social studies from 1st grade.

All language teachers have their language of instruction as their mother tongue, and the teaching takes place in the respective languages. In order to increase knowledge of foreign languages ​​and other cultures and to increase cohesion, school travel is an important and compulsory part of teaching, where we have a tradition of traveling outside the country’s borders from 7th grade.


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