Verpelét is a town since 2013, with 3,780 inhabitants end 2014, in Heves county (megye), in the Northern Hungary region.


  • Roman Catholic Church. Consecrated in honor of all the saints. The 1696 . The late baroque style church is mentioned for the first time . In 1732 it was restored by the faithful. In 1764-65 it was re-vaulted and a new tower was built for it.
  • Blacksmith shop. It was built around 1880 and restored in 1964 .
  • Folk houses
  • 1956 monument
  • Castle (primary school)
  • A volcanic cone called Castle Hill is a volcanic formation that has remained intact in a way unique to the country, culminating in an educational trail. It got its name from the castle here, which, according to legend, was still standing during the War of Independence in 1848/49. From the top of Vár-hegy there is an unparalleled panorama of the Mátra ranges and the Tarna valley. 
  • An earthen castle on a flat ridge near Verpelét 


It is located at the eastern foot of the Mátra , in the Tarna Valley, at the junction of the 2416 roads connecting the Gyöngyös and Eger areas , and the 2417 roads leading from the Chapel to the present .

The settlement was previously accessible by rail (on the Kisterenye – Kál-Kápolna railway line ), but here in 2007 . there has been no passenger transport since 4 March . Its railway station is located near the road 2416, in the western part of the small town, its road access is provided by the road 24 309 (locally known as the railway road) branching in the north-northwest direction from its approximately 25,850 kilometers.


Mayor's office
3351 Verpelét, Kossuth Lajos u. 73.