Villa Letizia Hospital


The Villa Letizia Nursing Home, in the area for more than 20 years, selects the best doctors in order to provide the best service to the patient. The services are provided under an agreement with the National Health Service or in agreement with the main Insurance Companies – Pension Fund.

The Villa Letizia Hospital, founded in 1992, has acquired a decisive health function both in the capital of L’Aquila and in the entire Abruzzo Region including much of Central Southern Italy.
The Hospital is part of the ASL n ° 201 Avezzano-Sulmona-L’Aquila and every year welcomes about 15,000 users and patients.

Villa Letizia provides diagnostic and treatment services in hospital stays and diagnostic and therapeutic services of an outpatient type both in agreement with the National Health Service (SSN) and for an onerous service.

Our Structure is characterized by the constant fulfillment of the most stringent standards required by the ISO 9001 quality certification in the health sector, continuously monitoring all the indicators relating to the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedures and services provided.


Villa Letizia Hospital
67100 District Court of L'Aquila - ITALY
+39 - 0862 - 46061