Villány is a town in Baranya county, Hungary that is famous for its wine. Residents are Hungarians, with minority of Serbs.


The city is located in the encounter of three large geographical regions: the Great Hungarian Plain from the south, Baranya Hills from the north, and finally Villány Mountains border it from the west. On the plain, agricultural activity is common. The mountains and the hills provide a suitable place for wine producing.

A fossil site known as “Villány locality 6” or “Villány-Kalkberg Süd” has yielded many vertebrate fossils from Lower Pleistocene.

Points of interest 

Wine region

Villány is the most famous red wine region in Hungary. The southernmost wine region has the highest number of sunshine hours. Hungary’s climate is continental. However, the Villány wine region is characterized by its sub-Mediterranean climate because of its location. Here’s a great, full-bodied Bordeaux-style red wine cuvee. French varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot have a great time here. There is also Portugieser, Kékfrankos but we can also meet Kadarka and Syrah grapes. Of course, white grapes are also cultivated by winemakers such as Italian Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Green Veltelini.

Híres borászatok:

  • Gere Attila Pincészete
  • Bock Pince 
  • Tiffán Pince
  • Polgár Pincészet 
  • Sauska Pincészet
  • Gere Tamás és Zsolt Pincészete 
  • Malatinszky Kúria 
  • Günczer Tamás Pincészet
  • Maul Borászat 
  • Szende Pince 
  • Cult of Wine Villány, a Művészpince 
  • Vitényi Pince
  • Blum Pince
  • Gal Pince 
  • Agancsos Pincészet 
  • Kecskés Pincészet
  • Dolium Pince


City P olgár Mayor's Office
7773 Villány, Pf. 31.
72 / 592-930