The city has lost nothing of its old-world charm, whether it is thanks to the banks of the Seine, the Chanteraines departmental park and its 70 green hectares or to the many cultural and leisure activities that can be practiced in the city.

Villeneuve-la-Garenne is a French commune located in the department of Hauts-de-Seine in the region Île-de-France . It is the last municipality created in the department of Seine , theApril 9, 1929, during the Interwar period .

Villeneuve-la-Garenne is home to shipyards:

  • Site of the French Naval Construction Company
  • Vanpraet Chantiers Navals du Nord


Places and monuments 

The town includes many monuments listed in the general inventory of the cultural heritage of France (8 houses, a garden, the concerted housing estate called Impasse Legendre, the parish church of Saint-Joseph , the primary and nursery school known as the Gallieni school group currently the Édouard-Manet school group, a building, the Chanteraines park , a terraced garden, the pharmaceutical plant known as the Mouneyrat laboratories, a joint development, the chemical plant known as the Pointet laboratories then Pointet-Girard then Rhône- Poulenc, the promenade des Chanteraines, the shipbuilding plant known as the Vandenbossche and Rachaert shipyards, the road bridge known as the Ile-Saint-Denis bridge,a group of houses and buildings).

Other monuments and places 

  • Chanteraines Railway
  • Villeneuve-la-Garenne aquatic pit
  • Mansion M lle Dupont de Chambon, built in the xix th  century.
  • Current School of Music, built in the xix th  century.
  • 100 Kilos Bar: The 100 Kilos café-hotel-restaurant was located on avenue de Gennevilliers (currently avenue de Verdun ) and rue Dupont-du-Chambon. It was the name of an association created in 1885 by the owner of the café, Mr. Bernard Judas. Membership in the association was reserved for people weighing a minimum of 100 kilograms. There is still a café with the same name but located on the opposite sidewalk (place André-Malraux ).
  • The old cemetery and the new cemetery .

Cultural heritage 

  • Marie-Louise-Prévot Municipal Choreographic Center
  • Aimé-Cesaire municipal library
  • Music school
  • André-Malraux Cinema
  • “The Tree of Life” – Ceramic gable wall (Abinun) 
  • Megarama Cinema
  • Max-Juclier Cultural Center
  • Youth and Culture House
  • The new World
  • Pierre-Brossolette Space
  • The Little Jesters of Paris


Town Hall of Villeneuve-la-Garenne
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