Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos


Vilnius University Hospital (VUH) Santaros Klinikos is a university hospital where therapeutic and research work goes hand in hand and the latest methods of diagnostic and treatment in evidence-based medicine are first and foremost implemented here.

There must always be a moment of novelty and innovation in medicine. Innovation is a new service, method, preparation, medical equipment. The goal of an advanced treatment facility is to examine and treat patients with a view to continuous recovery. University hospitals differ from other hospitals in that the medical professionals work not only as physicians but also as pedagogues and researchers working in the fields of clinical or basic medicine.

One of the many areas of activity of VUH Santaros Klinikos is the independent performance of biomedical research and participation in scientific activities together with other Lithuanian research institutions. Therefore, the development of biomedical research is constantly promoted in Santaros Klinikos, contributing to the formation of health policy in Lithuania and the European Union (EU) by implementing EU joint actions and biomedical projects. The hospital regularly carries out biomedical research – clinical research of medicines and medical devices (commercial), non-commercial research, research and experimental development projects together with other scientific institutions, research work of doctoral students and students.

Patients at VUH Santaros Klinikos contribute to science by participating in clinical trials, they often have a unique opportunity to receive the latest research and treatment for serious, rare diseases and conditions.

It is important that the physicians of VUH Santaros Klinikos as researchers are extensively involved in international research with European and global universities and hospitals, as this demonstrates the scientific and innovative potential of this institution.

Our hospital employs 60 professors, 67 associate professors and 219 doctors of biomedical sciences.

Services and insurance

The following personal health care services are paid from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund:

  • preventive medical assistance;
  • medical assistance, medical rehabilitation;
  • nursing, social services, and services relating to personal health care;
  • personal health examination.

Emergency assistance is provided free of charge:

  • to all permanent residents of the country, regardless of their insurance;
  • foreigners temporarily residing and legally working in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • EU / EEC citizens temporarily visiting our country upon presentation of their proof of insurance: a valid E-card or one of the E-form (E 111, E 106, E 121) certificate;

Each person can check their Insurance status by on National health insurance fund website (available only in Lithuanian language). National insurance institution website –


Santariskiu st. 2, 08661 Vilnius, Lithuania
(+370) 5 236 5000
Fax. (+370) 5 236 5111