VINA KRAPEŽ wine estate is located in the beautiful village of Vrhpolje in the Vipava Valley, at the foothills of Nanos and Kovk. In the past, sea deposited rich layers of flysch and marl which make good grounds for vines.

The sub-Mediterranean climate of the Vipava Valley is strongly affected by constant alternation of warm, wet southwest wind called mornik and cold northeast wind called burja – bora. The valley usually has mild winters, warm summers and approximately 1500 mm of annual precipitation with climaxes in late spring and autumn. Mixing of continental and Mediterranean climate characteristics has influence on the character of Vipava wines.

In the Vipava Valley the cellar was considered a sacred place in a house already in the ancient times. It was a place where the landlord respectfully invited the guest; having a glass of good wine they made friendships, agreements and business. It has remained so in our house until today and we want to keep it like this in the future as well. 


Vina Krapež
Vrhpolje 95, 5271 Vipava Vipavska dolina, SI-Slovenia
00386 40 249 723