Vitrolles, Bouches-du-Rhône


Vitrolles is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region in southern France , located On about 20.6 km (12.8 mi) from Marseille . It is the largest suburb of the city of Aix-en-Provence and is adjacent to its southwest side.

RegionProvence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
 Mayor (2020–2026)Loïc Gachon 
Area136.58 km 2 (14.12 sq mi)
Population 33,310
Time zoneUTC + 01: 00 ( CET )
 Summer ( DST )UTC + 02: 00 ( CEST )


Activity zones 

The demographic explosion of Vitrolles since 1945 (and in particular between 1975 and 1990) is inseparable from the successive establishment of two activity zones in 1964 and 1984:

  • the Industrial Zone (ZI) of Estroublans created in 1963: Generalist business park;
  • the ZAC of Griffon created in 1985: Park vocation transport / logistics and tertiary.


Vitrolles is crossed by the Soleil motorway (A7) and the RN 113 allowing it to reach Marseille from the south, and Lyon from the north. The RD 9 passing to the south of the city, allows you to join Aix-en-Provence on one side and Marseille-Provence airport on the other.

Vitrolles has a public transport network, the Bus de l’Étang , consisting only of buses. It connects all the municipalities on the eastern edge of the Etang de Berre. 

Culture and heritage 

Cultural events and festivities 


  • Charlie Jazz Festival , domain of Fontblanche, first weekend of July,
  • Vitrolles Sun Festival , Domaine de Fontblanche, July,
  • Dub Station Festival , Domaine de Fontblanche, July,
  • Les Nuits du Rocher , open-air theater, July.


  • Polar en Lumières,
  • Vitrollywood

Other events

  • Les Festines , Marettes beach, July and August,
  • The Heritage Fortnight .

Places and monuments 

The Saracen tower

This tower is listed on the inventory of historic monuments.
Although the date of its construction is unknown, it is conceivable, given the rubble walls of small device she dated xi th  century and was part of a fortified place enclosing the top of the Rock. It served as a garrison until the xvii th  century, sometimes even momentarily jail until about 1850 . It is sometimes referred to as “the fortress” or simply “the vault”. Formerly higher, it was provided on its upper floor with tiny openings and battlements, visible on the Vitrollais coat of arms.

Notre-Dame gate and Portalet 

In the Middle Ages, these two gates allowed access to the village surrounded by ramparts. To the south, Porte Notre-Dame housed the hospital annex in 1668 , before welcoming the town hall in 1883 . After this passage, rue du Portalet ends with the western door or Portalet. One can see on the facades of the vestiges of the medieval time.

The Notre-Dame-de-Vie chapel 

It sits atop the rock. Accessible by a staircase cut in the limestone rock, this modest construction was built at the beginning of the Romanesque period, around the year 1000 and reflects the influences of the churches of Catalonia , themselves tinged with Arab inspiration. The building has several originalities. The church has a cornice, located outside the apse and supported on the north and south sides by a ravenre presenting a beardless head, crowned with a conical hairstyle like that of the Persians. 


  • SETEC International offices ;
  • Tropical Pavilion Metal (1951, due to Ferdinand Fillod ) ;
  • The Notre-Dame-de-Vie chapel  ;
  • Saint-Gérard Church ;


The Hope Sports Vitrolles is the main football club of the city. The club now has 550 members and its main policy is the training of young people. The main colors of the club have remained symbolically, to mark the continuity with the old club, red and yellow, which earned it by the press the nickname of “blood and gold”.

The Vitrolles Sport Basket Ball is the city’s basketball club. In 2010, it had a little more than 160 licensees, 12 teams (from chicks to seniors) entered in the departmental or regional championship, 13 graduate coaches including two state certificates. The color of the jerseys is red and yellow. Its resident gymnasium is the Carpentier gymnasium.

Vitrolles Sport Natation is the city’s swimming club, in 2011 it had 316 licensees, baby-swimming activities, swimming initiation, adolescent and adult leisure, as well as competition are provided there. 


Vitrolles town hall
Place de Provence, 13127 VITROLLES
04 42 77 90 00