Vivaqua is the new name of the Compagnie intercommunale bruxelloise des eaux (CIBE) whose activities cover the entire water cycle.

Vivaqua’s main activities are divided into three main groups:

  1. the “production” of water is obviously the main function of this intermunicipal company, as mentioned above it draws its resources from 26 large sites spread over 6 provinces and 6 aquifers . The water supplied is pumped in different ways: at the emergence, by gallery, by wells, mines and rivers or even quarry; almost half of the water comes from the Meuse , at the Tailfer plant , near Profondeville.
  2. the control of water quality and associated services is certainly an important activity of the company. Indeed, through a laboratory located in Brussels , it guarantees the quality of the water and assures the authorities, customers and the public that the water distributed complies with established standards;
  3. service delivery, as its presence in the distribution of drinking water, sanitation waste water or sewage .

Broadly said, Vivaqua is present in all activities concerning the water cycle , including both the study and the treatment or storage (and many others).


Boulevard de l'Impératrice 17-19 1000 - Brussels
02/518 88 10