We love our patients and we will do our best

The wisdom of many nations around the world says that health is our greatest asset. If we fall ill or just want to improve our health, we seek medical help. Usually it is an outpatient clinic, where we can get help, advice and support. Medical specialists teach us and take care of our health so that we could live a long and happy life.

PI Centro Poliklinika is one of the largest outpatient personal healthcare institutions in Lithuania. It has about 133,000 patients registered and about 1 million visitors per year. Centro Poliklinika is often called the clinic of reforms, innovations and progress; the leader in its field. Its history dates back to spring of 2002, when six polyclinics in the centre of Vilnius (Lukiškių, Naujamiesčio, Senamiesčio, Pylimo, Vytenio and Žygimantų) were merged into one Public Institution – Centro Poliklinika. It was a fresh practice and there was some controversy towards it. But time has shown that the bold action of polyclinics’ consolidation was the right step to take. It allowed for more efficient use of human resources, installation of modern medical equipment, optimization of the institutional management.

Today the Clinic is proud of its modern IT solutions, computerised patient registration system, medical Laboratory that meets the highest European standards, Day Therapy and Surgery Department, Nursing, Palliative Medicine and Social Care Clinic. The Clinic participates in a number of innovative projects, has new ideas and plans to expand services provided, continuously improve their quality so that the results would make our staff and patients happy.

Key benefits:

  • We respect our patients and care of their health;
  • Central location;
  • Working 24/7 and on public holidays;
  • A wide choice of medical services;
  • Qualified specialists;
  • Modern medical equipment;
  • Wide variety of laboratory tests, diagnostic possibilities;
  • Strong focus on health promotion and disease prevention;
  • Quality rehabilitation treatment;
  • Issuing medical certificates as needed;
  • Quality aid from medical psychiatrists and psychologists;
  • Minor surgeries performed in the Clinic;
  • Reliable and fast at solving different problems

Polyclinic Traditions

We are a large and friendly team that recognizes the importance of traditions in our institution. The results of our hard and honest work rely on cooperation of many people. Therefore, traditions and celebrations are a cornerstone of a good teamwork, social bonding and Clinic’s culture.

Every year on April 27 we celebrate the most beautiful professional holiday – Medical Workers’ Day. We usually spend it in the countryside, travelling in Pavilniai and Verkiai regional parks, having Nordic walking hikes or  walking tours in Vilnius.

One of our oldest traditions is Christmas celebration. It is a joy and sheer pleasure to honour the most valuable and best employees, administrators and physicians of the Clinic in a large group of colleagues. We usually spend the evening in the theater, philharmonic, concert or other event venues. It helps foster cultural traditions as well as new relationships by bringing people together to work toward a common goal.

For a few years we shared information about health care in Lithuania at Vilnius higher education institutions and invited future and current students to take care of their health at Centro Poliklinika. Now the Clinic is well known to patients of all ages. Their trust is the best recognition and promotion for our institution.

At the initiative of social workers, we used to celebrate birthdays of our Clinic’s oldest patients and centenarians by visiting them at their homes and wishing them a happy birthday. We hope that we will have an opportunity to continue this tradition in the future.

We also have many new ideas for new traditions. We organize various health campaigns, during which patients of all ages undergo simple medical procedures, share important information material, and provide useful consultations. We are trying our best to make sure that our senior citizens receive a special attention at our Clinic.

Terapijos ir chirurgijos dienos skyrius
Klinikinė laboratorija

Clinic hours

Working hours of the Public Institution Centro poliklinika

I–V 7.00–20.00

On Saturdays, pediatricians accept patients from 12.00 to 20.00. (address: Pylimo St. 3, Room 206).

An odontologist works on Saturdays (address: Pylimo St. 3, Room 313):
– from 8.00 to 16.00 accepts patients with acute pain; lunch break from 12.00 to 12.30;
– provides dental sealant procedure services (requires prior registration).

Out-of-Hours services-at night, weekends and public holidays – are available at the office of the doctor on duty 24/7 (in the rage of family doctor’s medicals services). More information

Emergency and Urgent Care Services more information 

Administration working hours

From September 1st  to May 31
I–IV  8.00–16.45
(Lunch: 12.00–12.30)

From June 1st  to August 30
I–IV  7.30–16.15
V      8.00–15.00
(Lunch: 11.30–12.00)

Office working hours

I–IV 8.00–16.45
V 8.00–15.30
(Coffee break 12.00–12.30)

Call centre working hours

Weekdays 6.45 – 20.00.

The Call Centre can technically receive a limited number of calls and serve a limited number of callers at the same time. Mondays are the busiest. On weekdays, peak hours are 6:45 – 7:45, 10.00 – 10:45 and 16.00–18:00.

Branches offices working hours

I–V 7.00–20.00


Pylimo st. 3, LT-01117, Vilnius
+370 5 244 2244