Water park Čabárna


This ecosystem works on the principle of a natural sedimentation and root treatment plant, which purifies the water going from the Týnecký stream to the system of one main pond and 5 other ponds. This biologically purified water is of relatively good quality, as evidenced by the rich plant and animal community. The water park has become home to many species of protected aquatic animals, such as: toad , crested newt , newt , collared snake , brittle snake , kingfisher , and the occurrence of bats is also significant . Rare black swans also live here, of which there are only a few pairs in the whole Czech Republic. Another numerous fauna consists of water birds, silver coypu , raccoon, dwarf rabbits, red fox and more.

The flora also thrives here. Since 1999, there has successfully planted critically endangered rdestice hustolistá ( Groenlandia densa ), which grows out of Čabárna has only one location in the Czech and protected areas – national natural monument pond at Hořan . Other aquatic plants that occur in Čabárna include, for example, water lilies , from the original whites to the latest red and full-flowered cold-water or tropical cultivars, including dwarfs, whose flowers reach a diameter of only a few centimeters.

The Čabárna water park is lined with a barrier-free educational trail in the length of one kilometer, which is used, among other things, for teaching kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The level of the highest and lower large pond is 80 cm. The land of the Čabárna water park is 0.5 km long and 60 m wide. It is lined with a road on one side and is surrounded by a slope on the other. Čabárna is located near the hiking trail and is a direct part of the bike path with a total length of 35 km.

In the immediate vicinity is the rescue station of the civic association AVES. The station provides protection and assistance to injured and handicapped animals. Healing individuals are returned to nature.


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