Western Friuli Health Authority (AS FO)


The Western Friuli Healthcare Company was established in January 2020, pursuant to Regional Law 27/2018 .

Pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 1 bis of Legislative Decree 502/1992 , the Company is a body with public legal personality as well as entrepreneurial autonomy for the pursuit of the institutional purposes attributed to it.


The company has as its institutional mission:

  1. placing the person at the center of the assistance and involvement path in the protection and promotion of health;
  2. pursue the provision of essential services through a regional health service aiming at the principle of universal access;
  3. promote, both in the social and health area and in the social welfare area, the activation of socio-welfare and diagnostic-therapeutic-rehabilitative paths, also through a multi-professional and personalized approach, which ensure, in a uniform manner throughout the company, integration and continuity the taking charge of the health problem of the citizen patient;
  4. favor the overcoming of the fragmentation and duplication of existing organizational structures, also through processes of aggregation into departments and operational and functional integration;
  5. ensure appropriate prevention and health promotion policies that actively involve local communities and associations;
  6. pursue the appropriate integration between the hospital, primary and territorial assistance;
  7. favor the homogeneous offer of services on the regional territory as well as the uniformity of the levels of assistance, also by pursuing organizational homogeneity;
  8. guarantee the economic sustainability of the regional health service through the reorganization and efficient use of structural resources and professional skills, as well as the appropriate allocation of financial resources;
  9. develop and implement a system that guarantees the transparency of organizational systems and activities, as well as the participation of citizens;
  10. promote clinical, managerial and organizational innovation by developing biomedical and health research and staff training;
  11. foster the conditions for the professional growth of its human resources by encouraging discussions between operators and by stimulating membership in professional networks in order to maintain knowledge and skills high.


The Vision of the Company has the following objective, transversal to the entire organization: to place the person at the center of the mission and of every institutional project of the Company.

To achieve this main objective, the reorganization actions of one’s own offer and service setting must:

  1. be oriented towards respect for the dignity of the person by promoting humanisation in the processes of assistance and care;
  2. pursue policies aimed at favoring the permanence of citizens in their own context of life with the consequent reduction of the institutionalization of the elderly and minors;
  3. enhance a person’s role as an active protagonist in their health pathways, increasing the citizen’s awareness of the fact that they can directly contribute to the maintenance and improvement of their psychophysical well-being through correct lifestyles;
  4. support, encourage and support the local communities in the pursuit of the corporate vision by networking with them in the context of social and health integration projects;
  5. favor the use and implementation of computerization and technological innovation as fundamental tools to ensure the orientation of the supply network and services that place the needs of the person at the center;
  6. implement collaborations with other bodies of the regional health service and accredited private entities in the province of Pordenone, in the awareness that the synergy between them improves the citizen’s access opportunities and represents an advantage in satisfying the needs of the person;
  7. pursue efficiency and economy within the organization to free up economic resources to be allocated to the health needs of citizens.


Western Friuli Health Authority (AS FO)
Via della Vecchia Ceramica, 1 33170 Pordenone (PN)
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