X-RIS (for X-Ray Imaging Solutions) is a Belgian company based in Liège and active in the field of digital radiography in non-destructive testing and in security. The company was founded in 2010.

Products and technologies

GemX-160 : portable X-ray generator dedicated to digital radiography in Non Destructive Testing (NDT); the device is battery-powered and remotely controlled.Dereo : Portable flat panel detectors for use on the field in shipyards or in aeronautics.

Digital X-ray can generate images on the spot for immediate analysis, for inspection and security duties including bomb detection and disposal, as a tool for VIP security and protection, searches for drug and contraband smuggling, customs offices, forensics and applications in Nondestructive testing (NDT) such as pipe inspections in refineries and the petrochemical industrycomposite material testing in the aerospace industry as well as inspection of welding in shipyards and art and archeological artifacts.

The following products have been designed and are manufactured and supplied by X-RIS:

X-Ray generators

  • GemX is a battery-powered, wireless controlled, portable constant potential X-ray monobloc. It can operate up to 200 kV. The oil insulation offers a duty cycle of 2 hours of continuous X-ray per day. The small focal spot of 0.7 x 0.8 mm (EN 12543) improves image quality. In combination with a CR or a DR, GemX can be used for the inspection of steel up to 40 mm thick in compliance with NDT standards.[20]

Flat panel detectors

  • Dereo UP (ultra-portable) are Direct Radiography (DR) flat panel detectors. They provide a digital image of the objects that are radiographed. Dereo UP have a wide active area of 40 cm x 40 cm or 25 x 30 cm and a real time inspection modality to work in continuous mode as a movie camera. They are controlled with Maestro NDT software. Fixed versions and high energy versions have been developed for castings applications and to be used in combination with gamma sources or linear accelerators.
  • Dereo HR (high resolution) are ultra-small panels with pixels of 48 and 96 µm. The CMOS reading head and the electronic board have been separated in two modules. Two edges around the detective area have a width of only 3 mm of dead area. This design permits to use the panel in area with difficult access. Reading heads are interchangeable. The detector is IP65. The electronic module is battery-powered and can also control some X-ray generators wireless. Dereo HR is class-B ISO 17636-2 compliant from 1.5 to 12 mm thickness of standard steel alloys.


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