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St George\'s Beach showing a coastal town and a beach as well as a large group of people

St George’s Beach

Take a dip in the salty Mediterranean Sea and stretch out on the sand under the sun at St. George’s Beach, north of St Julian’s township. While much of the area is quite busy with tourists and guests in high-rise hotels, this beach offers a chance to just relax and look out at the wide horizon.

Put on your diving gear, as this whole area is very popular for underwater exploring. Alternatively, visit one of the many outlets to rent a boat or Jet Ski to navigate your own ocean adventure. The pastel apartment blocks, shining golden in the sunlight, rise up from the shoreline, amid green trees and shrubs. Look for brightly colored boats anchored close to the shore. Along most of Malta’s coast, sunbathing is usually done on big rocks, so being able to lie under a beach umbrella here on the sand is quite a treat. Note as well that this beach has a Blue Flag award, a stellar recommendation for quality and safety. The beach is quite sheltered from winds. You won’t need to pay any entry fee.

While St. Julian’s and its surroundings were previously sleepy fishing villages, major building development projects have been going on in this neighborhood for more than 10 years, bringing the area to life for visitors. St. George’s Beach is near all the other attractions of this seaside vacation city, which means it’s still busy into the night with revelry.

Find a wide selection of hotels around St. George’s Beach. There are English schools as well, so get to the beach early on a summer day to have your choice of spots on the sand before kids and young adults arrive. Neighborhood students and visitors love to party, so even though Paceville is known as the nighttime heart of all of Malta, St. George’s Beach also has many places to go after dark. It’s very easy to walk to the shops at Paceville or get back to St Julian’s town center. Browse plenty of little shops in the streets behind the sand for souvenirs.

Bugibba Beach featuring a sandy beach as well as a large group of people
Bugibba Beach
Bugibba Beach showing rocky coastline

Splash, stroll and shop at Bugibba, the most active of the resort areas that make up St Paul’s Bay. Its enchanting waterfront attracts visitors from all around and offers excellent views of the area. Enjoy activities outdoors after hours at one of Bugibba’s great nightlife options of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a cinema and casino and bingo halls.

Along the shore at Bugibba are perfect little spots for you to sunbathe on the rocks like a true Maltese sun-lover. However, this area differs from the area’s generally rocky beaches, with its short strip of manmade sandy seafront for you to enjoy. It’s called Bugibba Perched Beach, because it’s not quite on the sea level. This beach has a Blue Flag award meaning it is safe and high quality. The sea would be beautiful no matter the condition of the shore, but it’s lovely to be able to lie on the warm sand under a beach umbrella. If you prefer to be active, explore wonders beneath the crystal waters by diving or snorkeling, very popular along this strip of Malta’s coast. Watch for pointy sea urchins.

Enjoy a long promenade, common in this part of the world, which locals have always walked along dressed fashionably. Start exploring in the bustling main square, the center of all the action, and continue on to the colorful main tourist strip, Triq It-Turisti, just a few steps away. If many things in Bugibba seem manmade, that’s because the urban spaces have been renovated in recent years. This provides a sleek experience but you’re sure to see little glimpses of historic Malta shining through.

Bugibba is a popular summer residence for politicians and other Maltese VIPs. People come here to socialize and party, resulting in a festive atmosphere.

Children and adults will have an exciting treat at Bugibba Water Park, with plenty of pools and slides for fun on a hot day.

When you’re done exploring the attractions of this exciting part of Malta, sample delicious seafood pulled from the nearby waters

Grand Harbour showing a bay or harbor, a coastal town and a sunset

Grand Harbour

See Malta’s beauty as it has existed for centuries along Grand Harbour, a natural wonder and one of the country’s premier landmarks. It’s now a huge commercial center, both on and out of the water.

Grand Harbour is an enormous, breathtaking sight, with timeless ports, buildings, churches, roads and forts stretching into the distance, bordered by the bright blue ocean. Enjoy this hive of activity, very densely populated along the shoreline and also a hub for cruise ships traversing the Mediterranean. Grand Harbour, also known as the Port of Valletta, has been used since the first ancient societies took command of Malta.

Wander through antique villages, climb the cliffs, relax in the manicured gardens, sail on the blue-green sea or step back in time at one of several forts around the harbor. Grand Harbour is the gateway to the ancient city of Valletta and its neighboring settlements Floriana and Marsa. Valletta is a UNESCO-listed site with the scale and beauty of Grand Harbour contributing to this recognition. The pretty boating village of Kalkara is just across the water from Valletta, near Senglea and the double-fortified city of Cospicua.

The edges of Grand Harbour were fortified many centuries ago by forts that remain huge and notable attractions. In the middle of the harbor is Fort St. Angelo. At the entrance is Fort St. Elmo, across the blue water from it, Fort Ricasoli, and in Kalkara Fort Rinella with its famous 100-ton (90-metric-ton) gun. Enjoy the serenity of a lush oasis at the public Barrakka Gardens, divided into Upper and Lower, with beautiful monuments and scenic views. Visit historic towns including Paola, with ruins of ancient Kordin temples and the Hypogeum labyrinth. Bighi has an old military hospital. The Grand Harbour Marina in Vittoriosa is the heart of the harbor, home to restaurants and bars.

Grand Harbour is separated from its sister port, Marsamxett Harbour, by the Sciberras peninsula. Arrive by boat to appreciate the full scope of this magical place.

Upper Barrakka Gardens featuring heritage architecture and a park
Upper Barrakka Gardens which includes a monument and heritage architecture
Upper Barrakka Gardens
The Upper Barrakka Gardens is a beautiful park that lies high above the Grand Harbour. The landscaped grounds were designed as a retreat for Italian knights in 1661 and opened to the public in the 19th century. Enjoy spectacular views of the harbor and its fortified towns and watch the centuries-old tradition of salute by cannon fire.

From the harbor area, climb up the stairs to the gardens or take the elevator. The gardens sit on a bastion at the highest point in the city. Make your way to the colonnaded walkway where there are lots of benches, and take in the gorgeous setting. From here you will be able to see the medieval cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea.

Just below you is the saluting battery of cannons. For nearly 500 years the guns protected the harbor and fired salutes on special occasions such as religious festivals, anniversaries and the arrival of dignitaries. At the beginning of the 19th century, they started to fire a signal at midday, a practice that continues to this day. Turn up 1 hour before they are due to fire for a guided tour of the battery and to watch the canons being loaded.
As you stroll through the gardens with their palm trees and exotic plants, stop by the statues and monuments, which include the figure of Sir Winston Churchill. There are also memorial tablets to important naval figures.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are open every day and admission is free, although there is a fee for the guided tour of the Saluting Battery. The gardens are situated in the city’s pedestrianized area, approximately a 5-minute walk from the bus station. Drivers can park their car in the metered parking area outside the City Gate.

If you are arriving in Malta by cruise ship, the gardens’ stairs and elevator are a short walk from the dock.
IN PICTURES: A walk through one of Malta's lushest valleys, Wied Babu

Wied Babu

Climbing in Wied Babu in Malta is quite an eri experience, it is in an dried out cannon. It is easy to imagine the whole cannon being full of water and may even be come full while you are climbing, but that is not the case.

It is also interesting because of the old man and his gun, shooting at the birds all day long. We never saw him hit anything but every 15min you will hear the gun. As the story goes he has taken shots at climbers, although we never got shoot at.


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