One of the most flowery, greenest cities in Hungary, in 2008 it won the highest prize of the Organizing Committee for a Flowery Hungary, the Golden Rose Prize .

Zalaegerszeg is the administrative center of Zala county in western Hungary. Zalaegerszeg lies on the banks of the Zala River, close to the Slovenian and Austrian borders and 220 kilometres (137 miles) west-southwest of Budapest by road.


Church buildings 

Institutions, infrastructure facilities 

  • Zalaegerszeg Court , the former County Hall between 1730-1732, baroque, Franz Allio built according to the plans of the Sidi Sidy family of Paul sidi Sidy alszolgabíró Zalaegerszeg, building commissioner under management. 
  • Quarter house : It was built in 1765 as the accommodation of the passing soldiers by the decree of Maria Theresa.
  • Arany Bárány Hotel: 1893–1894, according to the plans of architect János Brenner
  • TV tower : from 1975, 95.4 m high, and the height of the espresso is 53.2 m.
  • Lace houses: residential houses according to the plans of György Vadász .
  • Onpita isakita from the 19th century, the old hospital of the town.
  • AquaCity – Zalaegerszeg Adventure and Slide Park
  • Aquapalace – Outdoor swimming-pool
  • Hüvös Castle (Mindszenty Youth House): a listed building serving as a youth hostel and event venue 


Public sculptures, monuments 

There are about 50 public works in the city,  the most significant of which are:

Natural attractions 

  • Azalea Valley – a botanically protected area of ​​the Lower Forest.
  • Csácsi Arboretum – on the northeastern border of Zalaegerszeg, in the Csácsbozsok district, approx. There is a 60-hectare protected area 4 km away.

In addition to the Csácsi Arboretum, the Deák Square Park, the row of sycamore trees, the Dózsa grove , the garden of the Palatinus restaurant, the chestnut tree in Szentzsébethegy, the linden trees in the Ola cemetery and the railway station and the horse chestnut row in Botfa came under local protection . In 2010, this list was expanded to include five more members: the Park Forest, the valley of the Pálosfai stream, the Bozsoki hill, the round ash tree row on Szabadság Street and the park on Andráshida Street. 

  • Lake Gébárti : an artificial lake created in 1975 by damming two small streams.


Zalaegerszeg Mayor's Office
8901 Zalaegerszeg, Kossuth Lajos u. 17–19
+36 (92) 502-100