Zalalövő is a town in the northwestern part of Zala County , in the Zala Hills , at the ancient crossing point of the Zala River. The settlement is a small town with significant tourist traffic in the Zalaegerszeg district , on the border of the Göcsej and Őrség regions.


  • Aelium Salla archeological site and exhibition
  • Country house
  • Church of St. Ladislaus (Neo-Gothic)
  • All Saints Church (medieval)
  • Church of St. Anne (1747-1749)
  • The Amber Lake is a 35 hectares of water surface, clear waters of the lake. It is perfect for bathing and boating. It got its name from the former amber road. 
  • Borosán Valley
  • World War I heroic monument in front of the Church of All Saints (created by Andor Pataky) 
  • Monument to the local victims of World War II. The work of sculptor Péter Szabolcs was inaugurated on August 6, 1989. 
  • The settlement is affected by the St. Martin’s European Cultural Route


The area around Zalalövő – mostly from the south – is covered with dense, mainly beech, pine forests in several places. In this area, untouched in many places, there are several protected, rare plant and animal species (such as forest cyclamen , spring tufa , checkered lily , greyhound wine , Siberian female petal , common snake tongue , cockroach , European chamois ).

The large and constantly increasing traffic on road 86 passing through the settlement causes serious air pollution and noise pollution in the central, relatively small part of the settlement, a problem that has not yet been approved.


Zalalövő has now become a railway junction, which it once picked up, then rebuilt on roughly its old route, and in 2000 . Thanks to the construction of the railway line between Zalalövő and Őrihodos ( Slovenia ), which was handed over on 17 December , it has since become part of the only international railway line establishing a direct connection between Hungary and Slovenia . On the line, suburban trains run from Zalaegerszeg , and some continue to Őriszentpéter , or all the way to Őrhodos. The city’s modern train station is also served by a daily InterCity service, whichArriving from Ljubljana . To Budapest . At Zalalövő, the currently interrupted Körmend – Zalalövő railway line connects to the main line.


8999 Zalalövő, Szabadság tér 1.
+36 92 371 001