Železniki is a small town in Slovenia. It is the seat of the Municipality of Železniki and it is the economic centre and the largest settlement in the Selca Valley. It includes the hamlets of Jesenovec, Gorenji Konec (in older sources also Zgornji Železniki, Ovčja Vas (Slovene: Ovčja vas), Trnje (in older sources also Srednji Železniki, Racovnik, Škovine, Na Kresu, Češnjica, Log, and Tolar.

Country Slovenia
 • MayorAnton Luznar
 • Total164 km  (63 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total6,756
 • Density41/km  (110/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02 (CEST)


Železniki used to be known for iron smelting, and its name in Slovene indicates a relation to ironworks. The first furnace was mentioned in 1422, and the original furnace was replaced in 1826 by a blast furnace that ceased operating in about 1902. The town is known for bobbin lace-making and has a lace-making school where the tradition is taught. Certain relatively large factories are based in Železniki, including Alples, Domel and Niko. These firms sponsor local sports teams such as the Alples handball team, football team NK Železniki, and the Galaks floorball team.

The architecture of the old part of the settlement is mainly from the 17th century. The main attraction in the town is its museum with exhibits related to ironworking and other local activities. Part of the original smelting furnace is preserved outside the museum and also appears in the coat of arms of the town.


The parish church in Železniki is dedicated to Saint Anthony and stands in Trnje on the left bank of the Selca Sora River. It was built between 1872 and 1874 in the Renaissance Revival style at the site of an earlier church that burned down in 1822. The church was built by Franc Faleschini based on a design by Štefan Šubic. The bell tower was damaged by fire in 1944, but was repaired in 1997. The church contains works by Janez Wolf, Janez Gosar Sr., and Ludovik Grilc. Saint Francis Xavier Church stands on the opposite side of the river in Log. It was built in 1707 in the Baroque style, with a barrel-vaulted chancel and nave. The chancel vault and arch were painted by Štefan Šubic in 1857. The cemetery around the church was established in the early 19th century

Saint Anthony’s Church


Občinska uprava
Jolanda Pintar, direktorica občinske uprave Tel: 04/50-00-013, Email: jolanda.pintar@obcina.zelezniki.si

Cirila Tušekvišja svetovalka za proračun, finance in gospodarstvo

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Marko Demšarstrokovni, sodelavec za urbanizem, Tel:04/50-00-017 041/405-999, Email: marko.demsar@obcina.zelezniki.si

Saša Lazarvišja, svetovalka za komunalno dejavnost, Tel:04/50-00-022 051/458-945, Email: sasa.lazar@obcina.zelezniki.si

Martina Logar, svetovalka za družbene dejavnosti, Tel: 04/50-00-015, Email: martina.logar@obcina.zelezniki.si

Valerija Štibeljvišja, referentka za gospodarstvo, Tel: 04/50-00-023, Email: valerija.stibelj@obcina.zelezniki.si

Rok Pintar, svetovalec za komunalno dejavnost, Tel: 04/500-00-16 031381539, Email: rok.pintar@obcina.zelezniki.si

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